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Surely you are often asked to support various foundations. Why did you agree to commit yourself to a foundation for prostate cancer?

I believe the topic of prostate cancer should be relieved of its current taboos. It is still regarded at unpleasant to discuss this matter. We men are a lot less well informed about this issue, particularly with regard to cancer, than are women with respect to breast cancer. It is necessary to overcome inhibitions toward this subject. Over the past few years, the foundation has achieved several improvements in education and professional training in this field. This is why I regard the trust as a very worthy cause to support.
  Why do you think prostate cancer is still is a delicate matter?

In part, this certainly has to do with the fact that the prostate is a secondary male sexual organ that is not openly discussed.

Inexplicable fears, however, may also be a contributing factor. When cancer is a possibility, many men feel doomed and therefore choose to postpone a confrontation with the topic as long as possible. Many men prefer to remain ignorant about their condition because they dread the diagnosis of prostate cancer. However, we are in a position to clearly analyze these issues so as to systematically address such a problem at a very early stage.

As in campaigns against breast cancer, an enhanced awareness of prostate cancer would be a highly desirable goal.