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    «together, on the road to success»
We would like to outline the main points of the projects and activities in which our foundation has been able to support by means of donations:
  • Offering continuing medical education for general practitioners, urologists, urological healthcare professions and medical support staff (approx. 50 events in the last 3 years).
  • Organization of an international exchange of experts in prostate diseases.
  • Informative meeting on cancer prevention for the public.
  • Development of a PSA guide for general practitioners.
  • Support of the PSA study on prevention at the prostate center KSA
  • Foundation and support of an organization of nursing staff in the department of urology with activities in all the German-speaking regions with affiliate clinics in the different countries.
  • Support in the evaluation of new tumor markers (agents that can be detected in the blood to indicate a specific cancer).

Since all activities are carried out on a volunteer basis, all donations can be fully applied toward the achievement of our goals.