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A Man’s Story
Approximately 30,000 men in the canton of Aargau received an invitation to a study on prostate prevention in the years from 1998 until 2003. I was one of those men, and at that point believed myself to be a healthy 58-year-old male. I was quite surprised when I was re-invited for a tissue sampling of the prostate and an ultrasonic test due to conspicuous results. I felt as healthy as always and had no trouble urinating. The tissue sampling, under local anaesthesia, was unproblematic; it was slightly unpleasant, but painless. The shock came when I was informed about the results of my prostate tissue sampling. Prostate cancer… ME!?!

My wife and I were informed about the relevance of this finding and the importance of therapy in the subsequent discussions with urologists, in which the various therapy alternatives and possible side effects were reviewed.

  Considering this difficult situation, the fact that the malignant tumor was discovered at an early stage increased my chances of a successful operation. My operation was successful, and I regularly have follow-up exams, which have shown that I am trouble-free 8 years after the operation. .

"Where would I be today if I hadn't had a prostate screening?"